About Union Ministry


  • The Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs (MOWYCA) is the first government ministry established in Myanmar. MOWYCA was established during the 2021 Myanmar Spring Revolution to represent women, youths and children, and protect their safety and freedom. Myanmar Army Junta led State Administration Council (SAC) is continuously perpetrating atrocities including but not limited to physical and sexual violence, arrest, imprisonment under phony charges and killings against women, children and students.
  • Therefore, MOWYCA pledges to protect justice, safety and freedom of ethnic groups, women, youths and children in Myanmar.
  • Mission

    “Our Ministry shall protect and fulfill the rights of women, young people and children. In doing so, we shall set specific policies and work together with relevant organizations, networks, and individuals to address their current problems and meet their needs.”


    A people-led, holistically developed Federal Union of Myanmar in which all women, youths and children can expect to enjoy equality of opportunity and a prosperous, secure life.

    Standard Values
    • Respect for the Rights of Women, Youths and Children
    • Humanitarian Principles
    • Application of Federal Democratic Standards
    • To protect women, young people and children from human rights violations and to ensure their full enjoyment of human rights throughout this period of transition.
    • To support the safety and survival of women, youths and children.
    • To support women, young people and children systematically contribute to the development of the nation, including in the health, social and economic sectors.