The Deputy Minister represents the voices of Myanmar Youths and their views

As the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs of the National Unity Government of Myanmar – the government that is supported by the Myanmar people, and also an individual who have been advocating for the rights of our female workers and students, and as the one of the anti-coup Spring Revolution movement leaders, I would also like to represent the many diverse voices of Myanmar youths and their views on the upcoming ASEAN Summit set to be held on April 24.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations – ASEAN has invited the Chairman of Myanmar’s State Administration Council, Min Aung Hlaing to attend the upcoming ASEAN Summit on April 24. Min Aung Hlaing is the leader of an organisation that has been committing crimes against humanity towards Myanmar people with weapons and seizing power with the use of armed weapons, and as well as the main culprit in inhumane torture and killing of innocent civilians and children during the Myanmar Spring Revolution. With this invitation, it raises the questions on the integrity of ASEAN and the respect and loyalty of the ASEAN leaders towards their people. As well as, this can have an impact on the reputation of ASEAN, and the support from the public.

The international community has watched the youths of ASEAN standing together with the youths of Myanmar in the anti-junta movements, alongside the nations of Milk Tea Alliance. Through the international media, the international community is also monitoring the stance of ASEAN state members towards its people in the region.

Therefore, I would like to respectfully present the following points to acknowledge the genuine requests of the majority of Myanmar people instead of acknowledging the attempt of Myanmar’s military council to gain administrative power.

No. 1 – ASEAN and its member nations must recognise the National Unity Government (NUG) as the legitimate government of Myanmar that is formed with 76% of the elected parliamentary members, ethnic leaders, people participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement and general strike committees.

No. 2 – We want the National Unity Government to be invited to the ASEAN Summit, and to reject the representation of Myanmar by the unofficial military council. We would like you to be mindful not to refer to the military council as the representative of Myanmar.

No. 3 – We want the ASEAN member states to voice out on the atrocities that the military council has committed against the peaceful protesters and the people. We call for the release of all political activists, human rights activists, protesters, protest leaders and journalists.

No. 4 – We call for an end to restriction of information on the people of Myanmar with the suspension of mobile internet and internet shutdowns.

No. 5 – The airstrikes of Myanmar’s military on ethnic villages, including classrooms have caused over 20,000 people to be internally displaced in Kachin and Karen states, especially the Karen refugees on the border region – we asked that humanitarian assistance and aid be provided to them without the border restrictions.

No. 6 – We ask for the joint efforts between the ASEAN leaders and its member states; the UN Security Council; UN Human Rights Council, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) for effective actions on Myanmar.

No. 7 – We strongly urge for the establishment of a global arms embargo with target sanctions towards the members of the terrorist-military council.

I would like to respectfully urge the ASEAN nations fulfil the following requests by the people of Myanmar.

  • 8th Jan, 2021