The Republic of the Union of Myanmar National Unity Government Ministry of Women, Youth And Children Affairs Inviting Youth Organizations to work together in Youth Centered Activities

Our Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs honors Youths and various Youth organizations who are rebelling against Military Coup since the Coup on 1st February. The role of the new generation is indisputable in the building of a Federal State that upholds Human Rights and Democracy values and destroys the Dictatorship. Youth’s thoughts and activities are important in the building of Federal State and the overthrow of Military Dictatorship in addition. Youth affair is one of the priorities of our Ministry. Our Ministry will make efforts to ensure the roles of Youth Revolution, Rights and Opportunities, Development processes and participation in the building of the nation. In this, Government Ministries and Youth Organizations need to work closely to ensure that youths are included in the real needs of the situation on the ground. Therefore, we are cordially inviting all youth organizations that are fighting for the overthrow of the dictatorship in various ways to join with our Ministry to collaborate on the programs.