Fight, Fire and Flee

The Experiences of IDP Women, Youths and Children in Myanmar after Coup

Published on: 11th May, 20212

Joint Statement on World Refugee Day 2021

On this World Refugee Day celebrated annually on June 20, the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and the Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs of the National Unity Government have issued a joint statement to honor the resilience of refugees from around the world including from Myanmar. This year marks the 20th year since World Refugee Day was first established in 2001 to celebrate and honor refugees from around the world. The theme of World Refugee Day 2021 is “Together we heal, learn and shine.” According to United Nations statistics, some 79.5 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are nearly 26 million refugees who have crossed international borders and are taking refuge in foreign countries. Myanmar has the highest refugee population among the world’s countries. Decades of armed conflicts, violence, and human rights violations have forced many Myanmar people including Rohingyas to flee to other countries including neighbors like Thailand, Bangladesh and India. And there have been many more new IDPs in Chin, Karenni, Karen, Kachin, Shan, Magwe, Sagaing, Ayeyarwady and Taninthayi as a result of the junta’s attacks on innocent civilians. According to UNHCR, there are about one million IDPs in Myanmar before the military coup and the junta’s attacks after the coup forced around 200,000 people flee their homes. On this World Refugee Day, our ministries make the following demands:- (1) The military regime must immediately end armed conflicts, human rights violations, and violence; (2) The military regime must immediately end disrupting humanitarian aids and arresting humanitarian aids providers; (3) We urge the neighboring countries to help temporarily shelter Myanmar refugees who have fled from junta’s violence on humanitarian grounds and do not force them back while dangers remain in Myanmar; (4) The cross-border humanitarian aid shall be allowed to provide to IDPs in cooperation with experienced humanitarian agencies and local organizations: (5) We urge the international governments to coordinate with local CBOs and CSOs to provide aids to IDPs who are in urgent need of food, shelter, and medicines. need which are the causes of displacement. (6) We urge the international community to take action together against the military regime which is committing international crimes and worsening the refugee crisis. On this World Refugee Day, we call for a collaborative effort to help refugees from around the world including from Myanmar “heal, learn and shine together.” Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management and Ministry of Women, Youths and Children Affairs National Unity Government Dated 20 June 2021

Published on: 20th Jun, 2021

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar National Unity Government Ministry of Women, Youth And Children Affairs Inviting Youth Organizations to work together in Youth Centered Activities

Our Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs honors Youths and various Youth organizations who are rebelling against Military Coup since the Coup on 1st February. The role of the new generation is indisputable in the building of a Federal State that upholds Human Rights and Democracy values and destroys the Dictatorship. Youth’s thoughts and activities are important in the building of Federal State and the overthrow of Military Dictatorship in addition. Youth affair is one of the priorities of our Ministry. Our Ministry will make efforts to ensure the roles of Youth Revolution, Rights and Opportunities, Development processes and participation in the building of the nation. In this, Government Ministries and Youth Organizations need to work closely to ensure that youths are included in the real needs of the situation on the ground. Therefore, we are cordially inviting all youth organizations that are fighting for the overthrow of the dictatorship in various ways to join with our Ministry to collaborate on the programs.

Published on: 7th May, 2021

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar National Unity Government Ministry of Women, Youths And Children Affairs Statement (2/2020)

1. As of this morning, ground and air strikes by the Terrorist Military Council have made Mindat look like a battleground, and the Military council is launching an offensive attack by using the human shields which is in violation of International law. 2. We worry for underage children, women and the elderly who are trapped in fighting in Mindat. 3. There have also been reports of sexual harassments against women by the Military Junta. It The Ministry immediately announced that Military Council that must follow the request of ASEAN and International Organizations, stop ground and air strikes to people in Mindat, hostage taking on local people and sexual harassments. 4. The Ministry will file a criminal complaint against the Military Junta in International Military to ensure justice to the people in Mindat. Moreover, it also announced that it would provide access to emergency humanitarian assistance to the people of Mindat.

Published on: 15th May, 2021