Policy, Planning, Legal and Research Development Directorate ​


  • Ensure the fulfillment of the rights of women, youth and children through strengthening policies, programmes and research.


  • Develop the right-based policies and programmes for women, youth and children;
  • Ensure the implementation of the right-based laws, rules and procedures, and processes upholding justice;
  • Facilitate systematic information management and research to support right-based federal democracy.
Policy PlanningLegal and Research


  • Using essential research to contribute to policy making and promoting a federal democracy based on rights
  • Collaborating with respective MPs, local authorities, and partners to collect information on human rights abuses
  • Supporting technical assistance and informational sessions on network security, safety, and data-gathering techniques for partners
  • Collecting data through victims’ families, survivors, and reliable partner networks
  • Working in tandem with the appropriate ministries to promote transitional justice
  • Reporting cases of human rights violations committed against women, children, and young people for international justice
  • Providing the public with summary information about fatalities and other human rights abuses while protecting the privacy of survivors and victims.