The Republic of the Union of Myanmar National Unity Government Ministry of Women, Youth And Children Affairs Statement (2/2021)

1. As of this morning, ground and air strikes by the Terrorist Military Council have made Mindat look like a battleground, and the Military council is launching an offensive attack by using the human shields which is in violation of International law.

2. We worry for underage children, women and the elderly who are trapped in fighting in Mindat.

3. There have also been reports of sexual harassments against women by the Military Junta. It The Ministry immediately announced that Military Council that must follow the request of ASEAN and International Organizations, stop ground and air strikes to people in Mindat, hostage taking on local people and sexual harassments.

4. The Ministry will file a criminal complaint against the Military Junta in International Military to ensure justice to the people in Mindat. Moreover, it also announced that it would provide access to emergency humanitarian assistance to the people of Mindat.