The Union Minister’s Speech on 73rd Karen National Day 11th Feb 2021

Today I’ve come to stand with you, my ethnic brothers and sisters. I cherish you. The impetus of our protest against the military regime is the fall of it. From 2015 to 2020, I was a representative at Amyotha Hluttaw. Despite the 5-year role at this mission, we could not, however, bring a change in ethnic affairs because of the 2008 constitution. I’ve witnessed our ethnic rights and demands dissolved under the 2008 constitution. Therefore I vigorously support the abolishment of the 2008 constitution. Today is Karen National Day and today reflects the voice of our ancestors for the past 73 years. Their voices are still relevant today. That is, to form and build a nation of federal democracy. “Bama 1 cent, Karen 1 cent” means no ethnic group rules over another. We asked for equality. I oppose the ethic conflicts. I oppose the civil war. I suppose the best way to resolve these issues is to negotiate with all the parties involved and come to terms with everyone. It is not too late. I ask for your cooperation.

  • 16th April, 2021